All-Star Challenge Finalist Photo
Contest Submission
Frederic Mendes de Sousa
country winner:

I started my training as a hairdresser in 1992 at Jean Marie Ferber in Beggen. I was lucky to have a wonderful boss that always pushed me to go further. He taught me to be good, honest and empathetic. I am thankful as he shaped me into the man I am today. I had the opportunity to go abroad to Germany, Belgium, France and Spain, working with known hairdressers who not only taught me men’s cutting, but also women’s cutting techniques like texturizing or how to prepare different styles for hair, like a chignon that can also be applied on men.

I love the story but also the myths like the ‘fallen angels.’ There is a character names Alastor, and I asked myself, “What would Alastor look like?” Big, a nice beard with a nice downgrade and volume and a perfect haircut, a look that kills.

products used in all-star challenge finalist look
Medium Hold Spray Gel
Precision Shave Gel
Ultra Gliding Shave Oil
Post Shave Cooling Lotion
Daily Conditioner
Daily Shampoo
Grooming Cream