Jorgen Bech
country winner:

In 2007 while in junior high, I was approached by the local hair salon in my tiny coastal fishing home town located as far up in northern Norway as you can go. They wanted to use me as a model to try out new hair ideas they had, and naturally I said yes. This was where my passion for hair started sparking.
After finishing high school in 2013, I moved to a bigger city to complete my apprenticeship and get my license. After almost three years there, I sought out new challenges and moved to Oslo in 2016, where my real journey would begin. In the year I’ve been there I’ve grown tremendously as a stylist, and Bel Etage, the salon I’m at, has given me a lot of freedom to chase the things I want. In February 2017, I had the honor of styling hair with Bumble and bumble on a big stage at a bi-annual hair and beauty fair in Oslo, which was an amazingly cool experience, and it made me hunger for more. I’ve also had the opportunity of doing fashion shoots, which I’ve always dreamt of, and definitely want to do more of to evolve even further as a stylist.