All-Star Challenge Finalist Photo
Contest Submission
Federico Lucchese
country winner:

My history as a hairdresser started 15 years ago, when I realized that I wanted to become a barber. I enrolled in my first professional hairdressing school where I obtained a diploma as a hairdresser, recognized at the regional level. In 2001 I won my first regional championship, and in 2003, the Italian and European championships. The growing passion and love I had for this profession was overwhelming. In 2005, I opened my first salon, “I Parrucchieri” (The Hairdressers) with my previous boss. In 2011, I joined Team Italia, for five international contests in Berlin, Milan, Vienna and Saint Petersburgh, and won the “World Championship” title for male fashion.

My inspiration came from classic, timeless male haircuts. Today’s man is more confident and lives in a time where he receives the utmost attention. The simplicity of a nice haircut enhances the face of the bearer by conforming to the geometric shapes that have always distinguished men from women, with a narrow and elongated profile. I used Light Hold Styling Gel before hair drying in order to give the ideal volume and proper structure to the hair. At the end, I applied Firm Hold Styling Gel for a wet look, for strengthening the hold and for giving the right brightness to the line.

products used in all-star challenge finalist look
Light Hold Styling Gel
Firm Hold Styling Gel